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Wooden Digital Numbers - Natural Educational Toy

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Brand: Dorebu

Product Code: BG-E0046N

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Suitable for 3 Years Old and up

Educational and Joyful Toy

These are designed for the learning of number of pre-school kids

Wooden blocks are easily and multidirectionally putted into its place.

Kids create all number from 0 to 9 through wooden blocks.

DIMENSIONS: 10.5cm x 18cm x 2cm


1 PCS - Wooden Digital Number Toy

1 PCS - Fiber Pouch

100% Natural :

Wooden Digital Numbers does not include any unhealty chemicals. These are produced from pine tree as raw.


It's completely natural and has unique design based on its own tree.

Wooden Digital Numbers - Natural Educational Toy

Wooden Digital Numbers is among the most impressive educational toys on the market today. They are not only great toys for kids but they also make an excellent choice for educational purposes. For parents who are looking for a unique educational toy that can stimulate their child's mind, the Wooden Digital Numbers is a wonderful option. They have been used in classrooms and homes for years as a teaching tool. Here is some information on these educational toys.

Wooden digital numbers generators are among the most impressive educational toys on the market today. They can stimulate the minds of children in so many ways. Children love playing with them because they are incredibly innovative toys that create sounds, play tunes, and produce numbers from a wooden dial. Kids can get to use these wooden numbers generators and create melodies, rhythms, and tunes with them.

The Wooden Digital Numbers is available in a variety of sizes and is easy to carry around. They can be used in any educational environment and help to engage the imagination and creativity of children. It is amazing that such a simple toy can stimulate and interest children in learning and practicing math in the most natural environment possible. Math and music go hand in hand and this is why educational toys such as the Wooden Digital Numbers are so popular. They help children practice both skills and learn at the same time.

The wooden dials make numbers sound and also allow children to play with them. By making and playing with the wooden dials children get to learn and apply concepts such as counting, tones, and other sounds. This helps children understand numbers in the natural environment and helps them improve their math skills at the same time. Math will always be a part of life and if children do not understand math they will fail in school no matter what kind of teacher they get.

In order to encourage creativity and imagination in our children, we need to give them the opportunity to use these things in the most natural and educational environment possible. We do this by choosing wooden toys over plastic toys and educational games that focus on quantity rather than quality. Wooden numbers and dials allow children to have fun while learning at the same time.

Math is taught in the natural environment through animals and nature. Children do not have to look for an answer on a piece of paper or on a computer monitor. There is always something there for them to look at and challenge their minds and bodies. The wooden dials and numbers are a great way to teach our children about addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division in the most natural environment possible.

Because these toys are so easy to play with they are very healthy for the brain and help children develop at their own pace. When playing with the numbers, they learn to count, to read and add, and to count from one to nine without looking at the numbers on the dial or on the page. They learn to develop their motor skills by moving the wooden dial or knob to the right or left as they click the numbers on their sight screen.

Digital wooden numbers provide a wonderful way for us to teach our children about the natural world around them. If you would like to purchase some wooden dials and numbers for your child's bedroom please visit our website. In our shop you will find wooden numbers and dials in a variety of sizes and shapes. You can also choose from a variety of colors and wooden paint colors. You will also find several different styles in which to decorate your wooden dials and numbers. Whatever your preference, you will certainly be able to find the perfect digital wooden number and dial for your child's natural environment.

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