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Frequently Asked Questions

You can read the comments by logging into the products.

It is absolutely necessary for you to evaluate for the purchased product.

Your product evaluation will improve our understanding of quality service and present it to you.

If the shipping charges for the exchange of the products are borne by the buyer, exchange and return are accepted.

With every order, you will receive bonus points when you pay, and you can redeem these points for other purchases.

We inform you about discounts and campaigns.

You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time by accessing your account page.

You can reach us from the newsletter subscription on our homepage.

Welcome to Dorebu.com Best Wholesale Wooden Toy Manufacturer. We produce our products by hand and provide shipments to many countries, especially America, Canada and Europe. If you want to get to know our products closely, you can buy a few favorite models at our retail price. If you want to see our wholesale prices, register on our website first. Then I want to see your wholesale prices. My e-mail address is ........... .. I want you to define this e-mail address as a wholesaler. You can send this mail to ismail.akdag@dorebu.com. If you have different requests, we can produce the product you want to send as an example. If you want to talk to WhatsApp, we can provide a video call from this number +90 539 922 56 90

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If we think of your orders as a gift, you can define more than one delivery address.

For our dealers, they can define a shipping address for us to deliver their orders to their customers.

It can view the past order information.

All transactions made are recorded and they can see the money points used in their purchases.

Guest shopping is done on our website, even without a customer account.

Click on the link below.


After you fill in your registration information, you will receive a notification e-mail that you are a member.

Click on this link and enter your e-mail address here.


You will then receive an e-mail. Next steps will be explained in the email.

After logging in, you can re-register by editing all information such as address, phone, delivery address. In case of stuck, you can contact our support team.

We will be happy to assist you quickly and easily. Contact us immediately via bilgi@dorebu.com. Or use our service contact.

Due to the required security standards, you cannot login with your customer number. Registration is not done through your e-mail address to provide you with a safe shopping experience.

If your customer account has Bonus points, it is valid for unlimited time. The bonus amount will be charged automatically in the next order.

Order / Payment

Become a member of our website first. After the membership process is over, add the product you want to buy to the cart and click on the Go to Checkout button by clicking the basket in the upper right corner. You are on the payment page and fill in the information requested from you and complete your order.

When you log in with the web, you can find the product you want by typing in the search section. If you are a Mobile User, you can press the menu button on the right and use the search box on the screen on the left.

Our prices are Dollar ($,) and VAT 0.

10.25 $ Fixed Shipping Fee is applied.

The shipping fee will be calculated and reflected on the price on the checkout page.

On the product page, it is stated that it is in stock or out of stock. We do not offer the product that is out of stock.

If your product has been shipped, it will not be canceled. If you have not received a cargo notification mail, you can immediately cancel your order by sending an e-mail to bilgi@dorebu.com.

Payment option Credit Card or Bank Transfer is accepted. Payment methods will be presented to you on the Payment Page.

As we ship abroad, our prices are USD ($) and VAT according to micro export conditions.

We always keep one of the invoices as an archive in our backup. We can send you a picture again by contacting the mail.

Fixed shipping is $ 10.25

The shipping fee at the checkout will be reflected in the total figure.

After placing an order, an order mail is created and sent to you by mail.

You can see the orders you have created in your order history.

Cargo Operations

Your orders are sent to an address other than your billing address. If you want, it is delivered to the cargo company you specify. For additional information, you can write a note in the order description and send it to us.

Once you order your products give our cargo center in Turkey an average of 2 business days is sent to Istanbul. In other words, our domestic transportation center is sent to NAVLUNGO. After the necessary paperwork is completed, Navlungo is delivered to you as express cargo. The farthest send America and Canada It takes 7 days on average. European countries find an average of 5 - 7 working days.

Turkey will be shipping by our logistics, our company is carried out in order to deal with the shipping company in the country.

Our International E-Export Logistics company navlungo.com

Your order will be delivered to our logistics company at our transfer point. After they are delivered, the tracking number from them will be sent to you by e-mail.

In the future, we will be developing a structure to learn at what stage your cargo is in your profile account.

Your cargo company takes the product itself again and the information that it could not be delivered to our system is received and your cargo is received in a short time by contacting you.

If the product we sent is defective, you can send us its photo. The cargo company is responsible for damaged products. Shipping costs for exchanges and returns belong to the buyer.

With the information you have ordered, you will be returned to info@dorebu.com by sending an e-mail.

Your products are recorded in the audio camera recording together with your order paper and the product produced. It is packaged by passing the necessary controls through the final control point. It is sent to you quickly after the packaging process is over. For this reason, it is not possible to send it incomplete.

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