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Handmade Wooden Toys

Manufacturer of the most durable and most useful wooden toy models, Dorebu delivers its products to your door in a very short time with express cargo to the whole world. We use beech, pine and walnut wood in our handmade toys. With our various animal figures models, we give more importance to educational toys. While producing pre-school home activity toys and kindergarten students' intelligence-enhancing toys such as numbers, letters, addition and subtraction, we evaluate them with trainers and try on children. We are happy to bring you the most useful Montessori toys to your door. Many kindergartens in the world, which care about the education of their students, prefer our products.

What Are Montessori Educational Toys?

Montessori Education method is a learning method developed by the Italian doctor Maria Montessori that contributes to the development of children's individual abilities through play. In 1900, Montessori developed the children's ability to learn while having fun, and proved it to the whole world, with the data obtained as a result of experimental studies. These methods are used in both private and public schools today.

Who Prefers Wooden Toys?

Conscious parents, kindergartens, select toy shops buy our Montessori Wooden toys from our wholesale and retail websites. We do not supply wooden toys from anywhere. We manufacture all of our toys under the Dorebu brand.

Where Are Dorebu Toys Sold?

Previous shoppers who know our brand, those who are satisfied with our products and recommend them to their surroundings, shop from our website. Our wholesalers sell with their own brands in e-commerce stores, global market places and vertical e-commerce sites in more than 70 countries in 6 continents, especially in the EU, USA and Canada.

How many days will the wooden toys be delivered?

We process the products on the first business day from the moment the order arrives. It will be delivered to your door in an average of minimum 4 and maximum 10 days.

How Can I Buy Wholesale Wooden Toys?

First of all, you must be a member of our website. Indicate that you want to be a wholesaler from our whatsapp line in the lower left corner of our website. Our representative will identify you to the wholesaler group. You can see wholesale prices and now place wholesale orders. If you want to see wholesale toy prices without being a member, you must enter the wholesale toy category in the top menu.