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Wooden Cloudy with Holes (1-6 Numbers) - Natural Wooden Educational Toy

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Brand: Dorebu

Product Code: BG-E0070N

It is an educational toy that contributes to the development of hand and motor skills of children aged 3 and above. The variety of colors in the toy is due to tree differences. The toy is completely natural. It was made using pine and walnut trees. Therefore, it is very important for health. It does not contain any toxic substances. The toy consists of 7 pieces. The base of the toy is made of walnut wood and the others will be tried to be placed according to the number of holes. Thinking and ability will develop as children try to place the number of holes relative to the base. At the same time, fine motor skills will develop. Cuddly toys bring important attention to children. Children's eye coordination also improves. It will be a very beautiful and educational toy that you can buy as a gift to your relatives.

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 12.5cm 10.5x cm x 7cm


1 Piece of Wood Perforated Bulk

1 Piece Cloth Pouch

Healthy and balanced generations with natural timber toys

Research studies have actually shown that play and also discovering settings that contain natural environments such as wood aid children concentrate, focus, and even calm down greater than other settings.
A 2017 study from the National Institutes of Health and wellness found that "contact with timber causes physical relaxation." As a result, educational wooden toys that promote a quieter and much more lasting play environment are of excellent value to youngsters's cognitive advancement in this age of overstimulation and continuous inputs. of details.
Supporting healthy and balanced generations, Dorebu toys are made from wood, an all-natural and durable raw material, as well as do not consist of dyes which contain poisonous pigments. Additionally, plastic toys are most likely to break as well as might include components that might reduce the skin or small parts that might present a choking threat.
Nevertheless, given that wood ones are durable, they pose no such threat. You can make sure that your youngster has the most fun by investing in these toys that can be made use of for years since they are durable.

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