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Button Wooden Lacing Toy

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Brand: Dorebu

Product Code: BG-E0014N

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Suitable for 3 Years Old and up

This wooden button lacing toy is great for entertaining and education of toddlers.

It helps to train general motor skills as well as practice the sewing motion.

The needle is attached to the natural cotton thread, which has a knot at the end. It’s a fun and useful toy any kid should try at the age 1 to 5.

DIMENSIONS: 11.50cm x 19cm x 2cm


1 PCS Wooden Button Lacing Toy

1 PCS Fabric Pouch


The Wooden Toy is completely made from natural wooden and NEVER contain any harmfull chemicals. This is made from raw pine tree.


The set is entirely natural wooden and its unique shapes come from its own tree. Therefore the shapes of each set are variable from its own tree.


The set is completely healthy for the kids. and it does NEVER contains any spall, as the toys are purified from its spall under the necessary process.


Please use cleaning cloth by using only winegar in 1/10 with water.

Youngster as well as wooden plaything

The simple shape of timber, which is an all-natural material derived from trees expanded for industrial purposes, has actually caused its use in lots of locations. In this point of view, the manufacture of playthings; It is among the areas where wood is preferred and also used as a practical material (Usta, 2014). Along with its capacity to quickly change right into the wanted shape, the selection of wood in the manufacture of toys, in reference to its simplicity, is considered a method for the kid to familiarize nature. As Usta (2015) states, wood, a natural and also organic product obtained from trees, adds to the kid's understanding of nature as a reflection of nature. To place it a lot more plainly, in the preschool period, which is an essential process in regards to psychosexual development, when self-training as well as mental advancement are mainly completed, wood toys, a natural, organic-based product with a fibrous structure and also porous, it has a coarse and permeable structure, it is helpful in terms of kid growth. In this context, instructional wooden playthings, which are progressively existing with many different types; It is just one of the vital academic products utilized to support children's cognitive and psychomotor advancement, along with their social and also emotional growth, in addition to the growth of language and also self-care skills, during periods of psychosexual growth, including the pre institution period.

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