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Antique Wooden Toys – Fun and Thrilling Vintage Treasures For the Family

Antique Wooden Toys - Fun and Thrilling Vintage Treasures For the Family

Antique wooden toys have a lot of nostalgic appeal. They are not only made from wood but are also sometimes adorned with intricate carvings, decorations and accessories. In fact, most antique toys are considered works of art and a great source of fun and entertainment for many generations to come. This is the reason why these toys are very valuable today; they are sought after by collectors all over the world.

Some of the most popular and antique wooden toys include train sets, dolls, puzzle pieces, and play kitchens. Trains are very popular because they allow kids to run and play on their own set in the comfort of their own rooms. Dolls are an absolute favorite because of their timeless classic charm and the ability to bring families together during special occasions such as birthdays or holidays. There are also wooden puzzles and play kitchens that are designed with a particular theme, such as Victorian or English style. Kids will surely love having their own kitchen in their own home.

It is really easy to spot a genuine antique toy because they usually carry a tag that says it is antique or a collector’s item. You can easily tell a toy that is a toy or a work of art simply by checking its finish and color. Toy manufacturers paste a white finish on all their toys to give it a more modern look. In antique toy cases, however, this finish is not applied because the materials used for making the pieces were not yet advanced. Thus, these toys are more commonly referred to as reproductions or fakes. These toys are really popular and you should start your collection today so that you can own one of your very own.

What Are Antique Wooden Toys?

Many of us are reminded of our childhoods and fond memories of playing with, amongst other things, wooden toys. As we grew up, the toy industry has changed tremendously and now there are numerous types of toys to choose from. Whilst most of these toys are made of plastic, some still come in the original wood. This article will aim to provide you with information on the many different types of antique toys available, and how each one differs from the next.

The earliest form of antique wooden toy is the simple, hand crafted toy. The history of these toys is quite interesting and is usually only briefly touched upon within books about them. Most of the time, a wooden toy was created for the purpose of playing, or just for display, and was not meant to ever be played with. These types of toys were mostly made from a type of softwood such as willow tree or a reed-based material.

Wood was of course essential, as it was required in the making of the toy itself. However as history progressed, so did the technology used to make such toys. The first models of such toys were powered by steam engines and could be crafted with the use of levers and wires. Then, even when clocks were more commonplace, the antique toy maker would still craft a clockwork toy instead of using the more common wood and metal contraptions. As time went on, the toy makers started to experiment with new materials such as brass and steel, eventually creating finer and more detailed models.

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