Set of 9 Wooden Waldorf Toys by MONTPLEASANT Montessori Toys Sensory Bins for 1 year old Toddlers

MONT PLEASANT Montessori Toys Sensory Bin Toys for 1 Year Old Toddlers Set of 9 Wooden Waldorf Toys Wooden Scoops and Tongs for Transfer Work and Fine Motor Skills Development
  • [Montessori Wooden toys ]—- Made from premium beech, all edges of the items are sanded smooth so your toddlers can safely play with them. For storage, the package includes an eco-friendly drawstring bag. Material and bin not included.
  • [Sensory bin tools for toddlers This set of toys includes spoons, tongs and cups that simulate fine motor skills as well as sensory play. Perfect for small tools and materials. These toys are perfect for toddlers.
  • [Montessori Toys 1 2 3 Years Old ]—- We offer a variety of sensory bin toys in a brightly colored box. This wooden toy is perfect for toddlers. The bin and the material in the photos are not included.
  • It takes practice to improve toddler attention span. These toys help children stay focused and activate their brains.
  • [Unique Educational Significance ]—- Fun activities to suit every stage of imaginative and sensory bin play. It is designed to provide open-ended learning and fun activities that can be adapted to suit every stage of your child’s development, from 12 months to 4+.

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