The Rich History of Vermont Wooden Toys

Vermont Wooden Toys

Vermont wooden toys are very popular with kids and collectors all over the world because of its rich quality and unique artistic designs. Vermont is a picturesque state in America’s Northeast that is bordered by New Hampshire, Maine and Canadian provinces. It is a very peaceful place that is located at the very foot of the frozen Minnesota River. As you drive through the small town of Winooski, you will see the impressive collection of Vermont wooden toys and miniature landscapes.

The owner of Verminton wooden toys, Richard D. Hodgson, started his business in 1963. At that time, he had made only sail ups and train ups but in less than a year, his production has increased to include indoor playground sets, carousels, building blocks, wooden toys, puzzles and more. Today, there are hundreds of different products available for children. Hodgson loves to make custom designs for every child and has created several award winning sail up toy lines. His other product line includes carousels, building blocks, puzzles, wooden toys, animals, special education devices and many more.

The best thing about Vermont wooden toys is that they are environmentally friendly and safe. All of the toys are made from recycled plastic lumber that can be traced back to the pulp mills of the early 1900s. There are no lead particles or chemical toxins in any of the wood used to make the products. Many of the pieces can be customized as well. If you want a piece that has an intricate design that cannot be found in any of the stores in your area, you can ask for a custom piece from any of the hundreds of Vermont wooden toys online.

Vermont Wooden Toys

Unlike other toys manufacturing companies, Vermont wooden toys are not mass produced. Rather, they are made by a small family owned business. Each product represents the unique personality of its creator, as only he can produce that quality. It is this quality and individuality that customers want from their Vermont wooden toys. This small company believes in the art of handmade toys, as well as the power of the human mind.

One of the Vermont wooden toys manufacturers is Davenport and Lash. The company is run by sisters Katalin andody Davenport, who met while attending the Vermont School of Industrial and Technical Arts. After earning a degree in graphic design, Katalin worked for several years in the advertising department of Reebok, where her creativity began to take shape. After realizing the importance of handcrafted toys for children of different ages, she decided to found her own company. Her efforts were rewarded when her sister, Dorthy Davenport, was hired as an executive director of Reebok and began work in their design department.

Since their inception, the Vermont wooden toys production line has expanded to include many different types of products. They currently offer activities and creative play blocks, soft books, wooden puzzles, learning toys and play cars. In addition to traditional wooden toys, the company also offers educational toys, such as construction sets and coloring books. With their friendly, approachable personalities, families with children from birth to three will enjoy their products, as will parents of pre-schoolers to teenagers.

Best Vermont Wooden Toys

About Vermont Wooden Toys Since its beginning in 1996, Vermont Wood Toys has been dedicated to the art of woodworking. The company was started with the intention of making the highest quality wood toys possible. Since their inception, the business has made over 1,100 different unique toys and continues to sell over 3 million pieces worldwide. In 2021, The company expanded into the world of construction and in 2021 they established a small factory in Coopersburg, Vermont where they began building playgrounds and barns. The goal of the business was to develop woodworking technologies that would allow the craftsmen to create larger more detailed pieces that they could then turn around and sell as beautiful works of art.

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