The Benefits of Wooden Toys For Children

Thomas and Friends wooden toys

If you are looking for a toy that will keep your little one amused for hours, Thomas and Friends wooden toys are the way to go! The Thomas and Friends series is the number one selling brand in the United Kingdom. No doubt, your little one has fallen in love with Thomas, but have you been able to get them enough toys? You certainly can’t because Thomas and Friends come in over 200 different types!

You can purchase Thomas and Friends wooden toys for boys and girls of all ages. Thomas and Friends sets are easy to assemble and include over 150 pieces which make up a total fun and creative adventure for your child. In addition to being a great learning tool, wooden toys can be enjoyable and functional for your little boy or girl. Emily comes alive with her own phrases, noises and even a working light bulb!

What’s more, little Thomas and friends have a variety of different levels to explore including the very easy Green Bean game where the little explorer has to grab the green beans while moving his head in the appropriate direction. Then there is the Water Panic game where your little explorer must guide his little rubber friend through a series of mazes and obstacle courses whilst avoiding running into a bucket of water. And don’t forget the fun Little Bo Peep toy that is designed to squeak and make noise so little Thomas can investigate the strange noises that are coming from a little hole in his sheet. There are many more wooden toys for Thomas and friends such as Thomas’ Climbing Pen and Thomas’ Talking Candle.

Wooden toys have a long history of use in children’s entertainment. Toys such as Thomas and Friends have been created by manufacturers who understand the benefits of using wood. As well as this, wooden toys have been used for thousands of years as building materials. Today, wooden toys are still as much of a necessity as they were when Thomas first found his true love in Mary Poppins. Wooden toys provide something that plastic never could. Plastic is not built to last but wooden toys can withstand the test of time.

With a wide range of Thomas and friends toys available it’s important to do some research before you choose the one you want. Look at the toys that are made with the highest quality materials available. You may find it’s worth paying a little extra to buy a bit more quality.

The beauty of buying wooden toys is the fact that even if your child grows out of them they will still provide hours of fun and stimulation. Children become fascinated with things such as trains and steam engines when they first watch them on television and Thomas and friends will remain a childlike toy with a powerful imagination for decades to come. With so much variety available and so many ways in which to play with your child’s toys you’ll find it hard to go back.

Thomas and Friends Wooden Toys

Thomas the Tank Engine Live is a brand new toy from Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends manufacturer, Lionel Toys and more. The Thomas and Friends Wooden Toys will help your child learn new skills and techniques as they are played with in the garden, whilst being safe and secure. The wooden tracks that run on the floor of the play area make it easy for little hands to explore and master new skills and abilities. Not only can your child enjoy this interactive toy, they can also create their very own Island – complete with its own water supply and beach!

The wooden engine playsets come with three different themes to choose from: Thomas and Friends, Rubber Ducky, and the Timmy The Penguin. This toy is ideal for all ages and can be enjoyed by both boys and girls, even the smallest ones! There are no small parts, which will be breaking or which could potentially break due to rough play. Emily comes to life with her own sounds, phrases and even working lights!

It is a must have for all children, whether you are a boy or a girl. The wooden toys can encourage creativity and imagination and help with motor skills. Your children will love having a toy railway to play on, but they will also love the neat things that Thomas and friends will do. These toys are also durable and can be easily cleaned, so you don’t have to worry about it deteriorating or getting dirty. If you buy this toy at least three years ago, you will still be able to find it if you ever want to play with it again!

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