Perfect Toy For Your Child’s First Experience With Wooden Toys

Perfect Toy For Your Child's First Experience With Wooden Toys

If you want to keep your children busy all year round, then give them a chance to explore their imaginations with Hape wooden toys. Creativity is flowing through your home as your children make new stories playing their Hape All Season wooden toy dollhouse all over again. It has 3 floors, 6 rooms, and a set of moving stairs which can easily be customized. This beautiful dollhouse comes fully furnished with a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, playroom, and sunroom furniture. The wooden solar panel roof is flip up for summer or winter themes, encouraging creativity and plays.

Your child will love how they can have their very own “home on wheels”. They will spend hours outside building castles, ladders, chairs, and bridges and playing with all of their favorite wooden toys, such as blocks and ladders. You will enjoy watching your energetic toddler play with this amazing wooden toy home while at the same time having fun in your own backyard. The wooden toys offer many hours of fun for your child. They will use their imagination and develop their fine motor skills while having fun.

Ha Pe, produced by Haegis, is one of the top selling wooden toys in the world. The wooden toys are sturdy and will withstand rough handling. Your child will love how they can transform their wooden doll house into their very own living room. Ha Pe wooden toys offer hours of fun for your entire family.

Wooden Toys Made in Indonesia

You’ll love the creative, unique artistic quality of the Hape wooden toys and the ability to create just about anything you desire. Creativity is flowing throughout your home as you create wonderful stories playing with your Hape All Season wooden toy dollhouse. It has 3 floors, 6 rooms, and 2 stair sets that are fully customizable. This amazing dollhouse comes fully furnished with a bedroom, living room, kitchen, media room, dining room furniture, a desk, and a sun/moon set up. The solar ion panel roof can also be flipped in the winter or summer seasons for an outdoor summer or winter theme.

All these encourages imagination and creativity. The creative imagination of your child is the foundation for all of their future accomplishments and how they view the world around them. It is always a wonderful thing to help a child realize their full potential as they play with the amazing array of wooden toys available today such as the Hape wooden toys.

In fact, I think it is really incredible that the quality of wooden toys made in Indonesia are so amazing and yet they cost so much less than the “American” wooden toys. The wooden Hape doll houses are made in Indonesia, USA and the wooden rocking horse is a wonderful addition to any childhood or adult collection. You cannot go wrong with the wooden toys made in Indonesia. My niece absolutely loves her wooden toy rocking horse!

Make Their First Experience With Wooden Toys

One of the best ways to make your child’s first experience with wooden toys, something special is to do it yourself. You can work as a team by sharing and helping to build the finished product. It will be very rewarding to help a child learn about colors, textures and sizes. There are many resources on wood working, how to make a simple wood toy, from books to websites. It will also help you bond with your child and help him or her learn about the joys of woodworking.

Wooden Toys For Your Child’s First Experience With Plastic Or Electronic Toys

You probably have stored all kinds of toys for your child’s first few weeks and months, but did you know that wooden toys are a great way to start? A wooden ABC book or musical toy box could be the very first thing your little one encounters. Although some little ones may prefer something more modern, such as a robot or toy plane, still an ABC book is something that they will hold onto, especially if they get too much in their first few weeks. Here are a few benefits to giving them a wooden toy:

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