Nontoxic Wooden Toys

Nontoxic Wooden Toys

For many years there was a stigma attached to the use of wooden toys, especially those made in China. Wooden toys were thought to be unsafe for children, filled with small pieces that could easily break and be ingested. This was often associated with things such as peanuts and other nuts, and other forms of allergens. The common belief was that the small pieces in the toys were the real problem, not the materials they were made from. In recent years, this has changed, as studies have shown that children who play with non toxic wooden toys are less likely to put anything in their mouth, and also play with fewer toys made of wood.

While many parents choose traditional toys for their children, many are starting to look towards the non toxic variety. Some parents are even opting for the wooden toys made in the USA rather than those made in China. The choice of toys for children is an important one, as the toys can teach a variety of skills in children, and help them develop as people. Wooden toys provide a great outlet for creativity in children and help to build a strong personality in children. A great wooden toy box could hold all sorts of things, from clothes, books, and shoes, this allows children to organize their toys without the hassle of pieces falling out of their mouths.

There are a number of different brands of toys available, and many of these brands are geared towards different age groups. Wooden toys can be purchased at most any big box store, or even big discount stores. If you want a gift for your child, then this could be the perfect option for you. You will be able to find a wide variety of different toys available in most department stores. These are one of the most popular options for children, because they are fun, affordable, and educational.

The Truth About Nontoxic Wooden Toys

Non toxic wooden toys have been making a comeback lately. It seems the ‘conservatives’ that were common in older wooden toys, are now being found in more modern brands. But even with the recent resurgence in non toxic wooden toys, there are many parents who want their children to play with something different, and a non toxic choice might be the way to go. This is not to say that they are completely 100% safe, because not all wooden toys are non toxic, nor are all non toxic toys completely safe for children. It is simply a wise decision on the part of the prospective parent to research the issue before purchasing a toy.

A great example of a non toxic toy is one created by the Alternative School of Thought. They have created a set of bunk beds, complete with slides, ladders, and other building blocks that your children can use while they are studying in the bottom bunk. The only non toxic material used is a thin piece of plastic attached to the surface of the bunk beds. These types of bunk beds allow children to pretend they are staying at a dorm room, or a castle, or any other place they would like to imagine being.

Another form of natural wooden toys are toys made from cedar wood. Cedar toys, also called poplar wood, are incredibly durable and weather resistant. Poplar wood is strong, yet surprisingly light. These qualities make it the perfect wood for toy construction. If you are looking for an inexpensive way to bring some color and life to your child’s play area, you might consider cedar toys.

Some parents like to purchase play food or even small toys that look like animals. Natural, wooden toys are the perfect solution for this. You can purchase soft wooden toys that mimic a cat, dog, duck, or other animal. Not only are these natural alternatives much less costly than the more man made toys, but they are safer for your children.

Many times, wooden toys will be labeled as “green.” Because they are so durable and can handle all sorts of play and chewing environments, they are a great choice for those concerned with the environment. Also, wooden toys tend to be much sturdier than their plastic counterparts. Plastic toys tend to break down quickly and become less durable over time, which makes them less enjoyable for children.

As you can see, there are many advantages of purchasing non toxic wooden toys for your children. The fact is, they are safer for them. They are more durable, and they provide a greater amount of variety for your little ones. They are less expensive and are available in a variety of different shapes and sizes. When you compare them to their plastic counterparts, wooden toys often come out on top.

Best Nontoxic Wooden Toys

Children’s toys are often very toxic. Kids put things in their mouths and the toxins from the plastic may remain in their systems for years. However, there are some types of toys that are not toxic at all but can still cause trouble. I have two children who play with the new Fisher Price Baby Fun Pillow and there is no way that I would allow my kids to play with it if they were to take any medications without my supervision. The other kids in my neighborhood are getting this type of toy but I do not let them because I want my kids to be as healthy as possible.

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