Cheap Wooden Toys – Benefits of Wooden Toys

Cheap Wooden Toys

When you have kids, one of your major challenges is trying to find cheap wooden toys for them to play with. As you probably know, wooden toys are made with natural products. Many times they are made from discarded products that were previously used for other purposes. Unfortunately many countries have to import such products if they want to provide toys to their children.

Cheap wooden toys are typically produced in low volume, in places such as China, where labor standards are not well regulated. It’s quantity over quality, in the case of toys, which means at the very least the toys may be badly constructed and cheaply made. Often these toys are poorly finished with cheap, low-grade glues, paints & lacquers, which not only wear out more quickly but also create other health problems. Wooden toys may be painted with toxic lead compounds, or filled with lead based paints. There are definitely dangers associated with toys made from toxic chemicals, so it is important to avoid them if possible.

Another problem with cheap wooden toys is that some countries have no regulations on how much lead and other toxins are put into the country’s soil. Places such as China fill their soil with literally thousands of tons of cadmium, lead and mercury, just because they can. These chemicals leech into the ground and contaminate everything in sight. Many children who play on cheap Chinese manufactured toys have brain damage and behavioral problems.

There is a new kind of wooden toy on the market that has been gaining popularity recently. They are called PVC Plastic Toys and are made of a very sturdy plastic that resists breaking, cracking and fading. Because these toys do not contain toxic chemicals, they are much safer for children to play with. You will find that even the most colorful plastic toys will still be appealing to children, and will not break easily.

The price of wooden toys is going to vary widely depending on what company makes them. It would be wise to purchase your toys at a large chain retailer, so you can see the wide variety and the best deals available. However, if you shop online, you may be surprised to see that there are discounts available with some companies. You can even find some great deals online when it comes to shipping and handling. Look around for shipping costs and make sure you do not overpay.

As you can see, there are some great benefits to purchasing a wooden toy for your child. Some companies will allow you to make an initial investment before you buy the toy. This way you will be able to see whether the toy is right for your child. Cheap wooden toys will last for years to come, so you can pass them onto your child as they get older and use them as their own toy. Just make sure you purchase a quality wooden toy and you will be happy with the investment that you made for years to come.

Beware When Buying Cheap Wooden Toys

Cheap wooden toys are mostly made in cheap factories in cheap countries like China, where production is often sloppy. It’s quantity over quality, in the expensive price of the toys, at the cost of the natural forests and health. Often these cheap toys are poorly finished with cheap, toxic paints, glues, lacquers & plastics. There are also factories in the West, which are often accused of employing child labor, forcing kids to work long hours for little pay. Wooden toys have been made in China longer than any other country, yet we know so little about their quality control.

But whatever their shortcomings, it is undeniable that plastic toys from China can kill more children each year than a thousand car wrecks every year! The best way to save our children from harm is to buy cheap wooden toys from trusted, reputable Chinese manufacturers who supply to major European and American retailers. Then make sure they meet internationally recognised safety standards. Since the 1980s the Chinese government has been trying to improve the conditions of its labour force, but is it really improving?

I’ve seen cheap wooden toys on the internet which have obvious factory defects – uneven surfaces, chipped edges and sharp corners. Some come with what seems like a broken hinge. Is this toy safe? In general, yes. But the toy should always be stored with its lid closed, and when folded and stored it should be kept away from heat and light. If you’re buying Chinese toys and you’re not sure about any of these issues just take your time, look for reviews of the product, ask a professional toy buyer, or if you’re really lazy, open a box and play with it!

Cheaper But Deadly

Cheap wooden toys are typically produced in large numbers in low-cost locations such as China, where poor quality control is quite lax. At the same time it is quantity over quality, for the sake of both the forests and health. Often times these cheaply made toys are poorly finished with toxic paints, glues, lacquers and cheap adhesives. The toxic chemicals often pose a health risk to children while the low-quality construction cranks out cheaply.

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