Play22 Activity Cube and Bead Maze 5 in 1 Baby Activity Cube. Includes Shape Sorter. Counting Numbers. Slide Shapes. Removable Bead Maze – My First Baby Toys

Play22 Activity Cube with Bead Maze - 5 in 1 Baby Activity Cube Includes Shape Sorter, Abacus Counting Beads, Counting Numbers, Sliding Shapes, Removable Bead Maze - My First Baby Toys - Original
  • This Is Satisfaction Guarantee- A Great Gift for Birthdays and Holidays For Boys & Girls. Original by Play22
  • Wooden Activity Cube With 5 Activities To Play. It Is A Baby Blocks Shape Sorter Toy with 4 Color Shapes, Sliding Shapes and Spinning Shapes Counting Numeros And A Removable Wire Maze On The Top
  • Play22 Educational Multi-Play Activity Cube – Multifaceted Tactile Activities. – Learn Shapes and Colors. – Solve Sorting Problems. – Develop Fine Motor Skills. Logic. – Expand your vocabulary. – Engaging Play from All Sides.
  • The Baby Activity Cube can help develop shape and color recognition, number counting skills, and hand eye coordination. Cubes Can Help Children Identify and Match Shapes. This will help them develop fine motor skills and STEM learning.
  • The Bead Maze Activity Cube Is Made From Non-Toxic Safe Materiel for Babies and Toddlers – Comes Assembled Measures 8 X8 X 7 Inches – Wooden Activity Cube For 1 Year Old Shape Shorter bead Maze Toy Educational Gifts For One Year Old Boys or Girls

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