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Wooden Math - 4 Operation Game ( 36 Pieces - designed as Montessori Material)

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Wooden Math - 4 Operation Game support the pre-school kids to learn and practise 4 operations (addition subtraction, multiplication and division).

This Set is produced from 100% natural beech and walnut trees.

The Set does NOT contains any harmful chemicals.

The set consists of 36 Pieces, including 3 sets of the circle wooden numbers from 0 till 9, and also 5 PCS math signs (addition, substraction and  equal).

DIMENSIONS: 33cm x 8cm x 1cm                       


1 PCS Wooden Math- 4 Operation Board

30 PCS Wooden Circle Numbers (3 set of 0-9) 

5 PCS Math Signs

1 PCS Fabric Pouch


The Toy is entirely natural wooden and its unique shapes come from its own tree. Therefore the shapes of each set are variable from its own tree.



The Toy is completely healthy for the kids. and it does NEVER contains any spall, as the toys are purified from its spall under the necessary process.



Please use cleaning cloth by using only winegar in 1/10 with water.


Aylin Karakuş

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Oyuncaklar çok sağlam çocuklarım çok sevdi

Timur Yılmaz

Çok kaliteli iyi bir ürünmüş sipariş ettim. Geldi sonra yiğenime verdim. Oda çok beğendi kargosuda hızlıydı ????

Sedat Karhan

kardesime kesin alacam çünkü hem plastik degil bu cok iyi ve cok saglikli o yuzden bunu tercih ettim bence cok guzel kesinlikli alacam ????❤

Mehmet Köprülü

Cok guzel bir oyuncak seti hem oyun hem matematik ogrensin super oluyor cok begendim tavsiye ederim herkeze

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