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Wooden Train Set - Natural Big Sized 4 Wagoons

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Brand: Dorebu

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Suitable for 2 Years Old and up

The wooden train set includes 4 big wagoons. Locomotive and the last wagoon are stable, but the other 2 wagoons are moving.

Possible to choose the model per the age of the kids.

The geometric wagoon supplies the kids at the age of education to learn during the entertainment.

The wooden trains set does NOT include harmfull chemicals. The set is made from pine and walnut trees and therefore its unique shapes come from its own special tree. The total lenght of 4 wagoons is 64 cm. 


·         1 PCS Locomotive  6.50cmx15cmx12cm

·         1 PCS Last Wagoon 6.50cmx15cmx12cm

·         2  PCS Mobile Wagoons

·         1 PCS Fabric Pouch


·         Car Trailer Wagoon 6.50cmx20cmx12cm

·         Geometric shaped Wagoon 6.50cmx20cmx10cm

·         Wagoon to carry barrel 6.50cmx20cmx10cm

·         Cargo Wagoon 6cmx20cmx10cm


The Wooden Toy is completely made from natural wooden and NEVER contain any harmfull chemicals. This is made from raw pine tree.


The set is entirely natural wooden and its unique shapes come from its own tree. Therefore the shapes of each set are variable from its own tree.


The set is completely healthy for the kids. and it does NEVER contains any spall, as the toys are purified from its spall under the necessary process.


Please use cleaning cloth by using only winegar in 1/10 with water.

Wooden Toys House And Wooden Toys Barn Set

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We tried to modify the wooden toys house by adding some colorful plastic bits to fill in the holes. It did not look as good as the original one, but we thought that if we stuck with the original design, then it would be better than replacing the wooden toys house with the plastic one. So I removed the plastic pieces and tried to stick the wooden toys house in the place. Well, it did not quite fit, so I decided to make wooden toys hs code.

The wooden toys house had plastic bits sticking out in the cracks, but it was still made of wood so it looked fine to me. I sanded it down some and reapplied all the plastic bits in the cracks to make them more perfect. Then we tried on the hs code instructions and the wooden train set seemed to work perfectly. It turned out to be exactly as the instructions said to be, so we are very satisfied and thrilled with it. This wooden toys for 4-month-old little girls is now a permanent fixture in our daughter's room.

My husband also likes wooden toys house and he gave me the hs code. It has a wooden dowel fort on each side. The fort has holes in it and wooden pieces sticking out in the holes. It also comes with wooden toys for the fort, wooden toys for the horses, wooden toys for the moose, and wooden toys for the badgers.

The wooden toys house comes with wooden toys for all of the horses. There are saddles, for example, and there are some that are tiny and can be carried by the rider. These little horses are so cute and look so real. My daughter keeps asking me if it's my real horse or one of the models that I've painted.

Now there are a Barbie set for the little girl and even a Little Bo Peep collection for her. They come in Pink, Blue and Yellow. And they have four different color schemes to choose from.

Now, for the big boys - they are even more excited about the wooden toys house and the big horse. They even have toy knives and shovels. The wooden toys house comes in the "Big Bo Peep" color scheme with the yellow, blue, and red colors to chose from. The wooden toys house also comes with a wood train, a log station, a peanut combine, and even an ice cream van for the little boys to play in! It has the hs code on it so he can't get caught.

All of the wooden toys houses have a shelf where you can store the train and log cars when they're not in use. Some of them even have storage units so your wooden toys house doesn't go to waste. If you don't see a wooden toys house that you like at the retail store, you can always check it out online. You'll find lots of wooden toys house retailers online. They carry them in different sizes, and you will be sure to find the right size to fit your child's room!

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The wooden toys house and wooden toys barn set come in a variety of price ranges. The more elaborate the wooden toys house and wooden toys barn set, the more it will cost. You can choose to have it as a complete wooden toys house and barn set, or you can choose just one or two pieces. Whichever option you choose, you will be able to create hours of fun and creativity with your child. One piece can even be used as an airplane for the airplane house and the wooden train set.

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