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Wooden Round Letter Set - Natural Wooden All Letters - Educational Toy

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With Wooden Letters, it is a toy that will teach children letters early and quickly. It is an educational toy. Children will also develop their fine motor skills by trying to write words with wooden letters. At the same time, they will be able to learn to read and write comfortably thanks to these visuals. It will contribute a lot to our children in pre-school education. This toy, which is in Montessori materials, is completely natural and made of beech wood. It is harmless to health and does not contain any dyes or toxic substances.

This wooden letters game consists of 32 pieces. There are 29 alphabets and 3 English letters (Q, X, W).

It is an educational but also a fun toy for children.

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 4 cm x 4 cm x 1 cm (Letter Size)


29 Wooden Letters (Alphabet Letters)

3 English Letters (Q,W,X)

1 Piece Natural Cloth Toy Pouch


It is a wooden educational toy and is harmless to health. It does not contain paint, chemicals and toxic substances. Made of raw wood.


The product is completely natural and the pattern on it is the tree's own pattern. Therefore, the pattern shapes on it may differ from the tree.


The products are completely healthy and the tree structures that may harm the safety of your children have been made smooth and absolutely not harmful by passing the necessary processes.


Do not wash the product with water, you can wipe it by mixing natural apple or grape vinegar with water at a ratio of 1 to 10 for cleaning and disinfecting over time.

Tips for Teaching Letters with Enjoyable

Understanding letters is a long however essential knowing journey for youngsters. By making it less complicated for kids to discover by having fun, you will additionally make them see this action as a game, as well as this will certainly affect discovering in a positive means.

When children begin to discover letters, they intend to write or check out the names that they are utilized to learning through childhood, that is, their very own names and afterwards the names of their moms and dads, and this task makes them really delighted.

If your child has a difficult time learning letters, you can find our referrals below to make it much easier and a fun activity:

Search for products that start with the exact same letter. For example, draw a "K" in the middle of the web page and then discover or attract pictures that begin with "K".
Speak about the sounds and letters as you check out. "Oh look, a turtle. It starts with the letter 'K'! And I can see them attracting the letter "K" ".
Create letter cards and also ask your kid to inform you the letters composed on the cards. You can repeat this workout a number of times a day to help your kid memorize letters.
Article letter cards where your child walks by routinely. To help your youngster bear in mind the letters, ask him to state "hello" to the t card each time you come on front of him.
Ask your kid to locate or say a product that begins with a specific letter. You can expand this video game to find as several things as feasible that beginning with that said letter.
You can play cut and paste games by trying to find the letter of your selection in publications or papers.
You can enhance the syllables and also letters discovered by preparing bingo cards.
You can attract a letter by pushing your finger on your youngster's back area as well as ask your child to figure out what that letter is.

Why is it crucial to learn letters properly?

Letter as well as phonology is a basic skill in learning to check out and lead to, and your kid will certainly use this ability by strengthening it in school and also throughout life.
If the words are totally remembered, youngsters will just be able to recognize words that are familiar to them.
It is important that they acquire fluent analysis skills and offer a solid structure for converting letters right into syllables and also words.
From the Montessori point of view, creating skills come before reading skills. For that reason, before children learn the names of the letters in order, they find out the audios of the letters or their pronunciation due to the fact that these are the sounds of the words that are necessary for their future reading.

In the Montessori technique, tasks to create verbal expression in talked language, line tasks for writing, sound tasks with tiny things, activities without pencil as well as paper for writing, materials and also exercises for analysis are thought about the foundation of language growth activities.

Wooden Round Letter Sets - An Unusual Gift Basket Idea

A Wooden Round Letter Sets is a beautiful, hand-made gift with many classic designs. Each set consists of five cards, including a Queen, King, Jack and ten more cards. You can use your imagination to create your own design or choose from the many classic styles available. The price ranges are from inexpensive to more expensive.

They have been around for centuries. In ancient times, they were used for correspondence and spellings. Now they are enjoyed for decorative purposes. A wooden set is quite stunning to look at and makes a beautiful addition to any home. Some of them can be very intricate with carving the names and letters into the wood.

Decorating with these can make a dramatic statement. Use a single circular card for a romantic gift or to commemorate a special occasion. Or add other items to the circular card to make it more personal. A unique circular card will always be appreciated.

Use this type of gift to create a Christmas scene. Purchase a few holiday-themed circular cards and add them to the gift. You can create snowmen, Santa and angels or even put up a nativity scene. You could even add a toy chest to the front of the circular card. This would be a wonderful gift for a child to give to their parents.

These are wonderful choices for decorations at Christmas. You can create an elegant looking tree with a wooden circular card in the center. Use it to hang the wreath on your door for a magical touch. A great centerpiece would be a small basket of flowers resting on a small round wooden frame with a single circular card tied to each rose petal.

If you are looking for a fun idea, buy some colorful construction paper and have your kids make a snowman with a Santa Claus on top. Cut the cards into the shape of a snowman and then glue the paper onto the wooden frame. This is sure to be a huge hit at your next Christmas party. Your guests are sure to be raving about the unique way in which you decorated their presents.

Adding a little extra to your circular card set is easy. Use any colored paper to draw on it or paint it. There are plenty of great craft ideas that incorporate different colors and paints.

You may even consider making a gift basket for the circular card holder. Simply purchase a variety of toys, snacks and beverages and place them in a pretty basket. Wrap the wooden gift basket with a single color of ribbon that matches the color of the lettering on the gift. This makes a very nice gift that the kids will enjoy opening on Christmas morning.

Another way to create an unusual circular card is by decorating a puzzle or other toy with letters. Simply cut out the letters from a puzzle or other toy and glue them onto a large piece of cardboard. Glue the puzzle to the circular card and then attach a ribbon that matches the color of the puzzle to the top of the circular card. This makes a great project that both you and the kid can enjoy.

A wooden musical set is another option to add to a circular card set. You can find a simple wooden musical set online or at your local craft store. You will simply add a number of push pins to create different types of music. To add a personal touch, play some Christmas music while you play the gift round.

There is really no end to the ideas that you can use to personalize your gift baskets. The key is to be creative and think outside the box when you go shopping. If you are still stuck for ideas, there are a few resources available to you that will help you make a unique gift basket that the recipient will love.

When you are done shopping, take the time to write a special message. Make sure it is the right gift for the person you are buying the gift for. When it comes to gifts, your choice can affect the recipient's life in very positive ways. For a special gift, a wooden round letter set makes a great gift. It is a gift that is fun to give and helps express your personality as well. Your gift will be one that the person you are giving it to will cherish for a long time to come.

Wooden Round Letter Sets

There is no doubt that a Wooden Round Letter Sets can make a beautiful addition to any collection. In fact, it has been used by many generations and can be considered an antique now. The first word that comes to mind when one thinks of Wooden Round Letter Sets is quality. The wood is usually top quality and the designs are very intricate and attractive. These sets come in a variety of sizes and sometimes include additional characters that are carved or painted on. They can be used with just about any pen or pencil and can be used at any age level.

Some sets have beautiful carved images and this adds to their appeal. The price depends on the quality of the wood, the type of carving and the number of characters included in the set. The cost also varies with the type of wooden frame that is used.

Many people love the wooden writing instruments because they are so long lasting and they are a great investment as well. If you love writing, you may want to consider a Wooden Round Letter Set. Whether you use it everyday or for special occasions, there is something for everyone in this range. They are beautiful to look at and they make wonderful gifts for both men and women.

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