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Number Board with Wooden Pencil (Montessori -100% Natural) - Educational Toy

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Brand: Dorebu

Product Code: BG-E0065N

Suitable for 3 Years Old and up. It is a wooden figures board and an educational toy. It is designed for children to learn numbers early. There are also figures on this wooden board. The package contains a pencil made of walnut. With this pencil, the kids can go on the numbers. Thus they learn both to write and to hold a pencil. Hand and finger muscles of children are developed with this toy.

Moreover this toy improves attention and Hand-Eye Coordination of the children at the age of pre-school.  This wooden toy is completely natural and made of beech and walnut wood. It is harmless to health and does not contain any dye or toxic substance.

It is a high quality toy and can be used for a long time.

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 22cm x 12cm x 1cm


1 PCS Wooden Number Board (Beech Tree) (22cm x 12cm x 1cm)

1 PCS Wooden Pen (Walnut Tree) (9cmx0.50cmx0.50cm)

1 PCS Natural Cloth Toy Pouch

Dorebu wood playthings appeal to your child's aesthetic as well as kinesthetic knowledge.

Kids like to have fun with playthings of various structures, shapes, and weights. Plastic playthings, which are normally plain as well as shiny, can not supply the experience that wooden playthings do. The weight and tactile feeling of all-natural wood playthings are slightly more than plastic ones. In this way, children can be extra knowledgeable about their activities. E.g; Relocating a wood automobile may take a little bit much more effort and idea than an unsafe plastic toy vehicle. This is specifically important for the advancement of children with fine motor hold-ups and also sensory conditions.

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