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Natural Wooden Truck + 3 Natural Wooden Vehicles

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Suitable for 2 Year Olds and up. This Pack contains 5 Parts. 1 PCS Truck Cup, 1 PCS Trailer and 3 PCS Cars. Truck Trailer is suitable for transport of the vehicles.

Vehichles are placed on the trailer by its shapes. This set supplies the joyfull and edutional time for children, and develops capability of thinking for children.

This is entirely designed from natural wooden material and does NOT contains any harmfull chemicals (100% free from BPA, PVC and phthalates..etc.)

This material is produced from Pine and Walnut Trees and it supply its multiplicity of colour from these natural trees. Total Lenght of the Truck is 14.37 inches.

This product is stable and very cute toys, which are preferred as a gift for Birthdays and/or special days. 


·         1 PCS Truck Cup 5.51x2.75x3.94 inches

·         1 PCS Trailer 11.42x2.75x3.94 inches

·         1 PCS Sportscar 3.54x2.56x1.77 inches

·         1  PCS Minibus  3.54x2.56x2.17 inches

·         1 PCS Hatchback Car 4.33x2.56x2.17 inches

·         1 PCS fabric Pouch

100 % NATURAL:

Natural Wooden Truck Set does NOT contains any harmful chemicals. It's made by pine tree and entirely natural.


The Product is entirely natural and has unique figures from its own tree.


The Products are designed for the safety of children and as harmless for children by purifying from harmfull materials under special production methodes.


Please use only natural vinegar in 1/10 with water during the cleaning  in case of contamination.

Gifts For Kids Toddler Toy - Creative Ideas That Parents Will Love

As parents, we are all aware that natural wooden toys are the best. Natural wooden toys help your children develop important motor skills and qualities such as patience and self control. Your little one will have a much easier time learning to count by touching an object than by simply pushing a button. Counting is something that you will be able to teach with the Montessori style of toys. There are many educational toys that incorporate the Montessori educational principles, but none are quite like the natural wooden toys.

The natural wooden truck has been used for centuries as a baby car seat and now as an educational toy. You can find wooden toys in almost every specialty toy store. If you look around, you can also find wooden play boards for the toddler and wooden building blocks for your older child. All types of wooden toys are great for the development of hand-eye coordination, gross motor skills, and other aspects of education.

The beech wood used in these toys is what makes them so special. Beech wood doesn't splinter and it is very strong. This beech wood is also very smooth. This is the main reason that the natural wooden truck is so popular for babies. When the babies start using this toy, they learn how to grip, hold, and eventually roll over and begin crawling.

A good example of a natural wooden truck is the 1 CP Truck. This wooden toy is just one of the many different types of wood that you can buy for your child to play with. You can buy them soft trucks, medium trucks, and even large trucks. The great thing about buying a soft natural wooden toy truck is that they make a great learning toy. Even though the smaller toys might seem to not be too much trouble, your child will begin to get more comfortable with the larger toys, such as the 1 CP Truck, as they start to play with them.

If you buy the natural wooden truck mastro jouets, along with the soft, natural wooden toys, you can have a fun time together playing with your child. In order to really enjoy the toy you'll need to be able to put the pieces together. This means that you need to be able to connect the remote control with the mastro jouets to make it more interactive.

There are many websites that sell the toy like soft toys, action figures, puzzles, and even video games. A good idea to consider when buying a gift for kids toddler toy large wooden truck is to consider buying them a toy that uses open-frame craft plans. With this kind of craft plan you can be able to have much fun crafting ideas that involve building large scale models without cutting into your wallet.

Another great idea to consider when looking at gifts for kids is to get them a vintage style wooden truck or a toy that is in their favorite genre. Toys that are made in the 1930s and earlier always look more classic and kids love to create lots of small houses, cars, airplanes, trains, and tractors. You can also choose to go with a vintage style wooden doll house kit. With these kits you can also provide your children with an extra set of hands, and they will love creating lots of different houses and furniture. They will love spending hours creating their favorite characters from these pieces.

With this list of ideas, you should have no trouble coming up with some creative ideas that you can use to create a great gift for kids. Remember to look for toys that inspire creativity, and encourage children to love creating lots of little things. If you find a product that does all of these things to a child, then you know that you have found the perfect gift for kids.

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