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Natural Wooden Fox Car

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Brand: Dorebu

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Suitable for 1 Year Old and up

100% Natural Wooden Toy supply the fun time for the kids and it can be used also for decoration.

The toy is made from natural wooden. the diversity of colour occurs from the different trees.

The toy does NOT contains any harmful chemicals.

DIMENSIONS : 5.5cm x 14cm x 9cm


1 PCS Wooden Fox Car

1 PCS Fabric Pouch


The set is entirely natural wooden and its unique shapes come from its own tree. Therefore the shapes of each set are variable from its own tree.



The set is completely healthy for the kids. and it does NEVER contains any spall, as the toys are purified from its spall under the necessary process.



Please use cleaning cloth by using only winegar in 1/10 with water.

Natural Wooden Foxes Car Set For Your Child

Natural Wooden Fox Car is one of the educational toys brands in the world. The educational toys brands in the world are almost all manufactured by large corporate companies, which can be very bad for the children's health. In Japan, this brand came from a family that loves cars and enjoyed doing experiments on them. So, they set out to make educational toys for children using their natural wooden toys, like a wooden box in a car. Natural Wooden Fox Car makes educational toys for children all over the world.

Natural wooden toys, like Natural Wooden Fox Car make educational toys for children all around the world. I think we all know that most educational toys that we buy for our children are not made from sustainable wood resources. These toys are made from a by-product of another industry. However, wooden toys made from sustainable wood resources such as cedar wood or redwood, are far better for the environment and better for your child's health.

By purchasing educational toys from smaller companies that do not utilize hazardous chemicals in their manufacturing processes, you can ensure that your children are not playing with toys that will eventually put their health in danger. Toys, in and of themselves, are an important part of growing up, and children should not have to choose between having fun and getting healthy. That's why buying educational toys is so important. It ensures that your children are getting the education that they deserve.

One of the main issues that parents have about educational toys is that they are not always created using the safest materials that children can safely play with. This is not the case with natural wooden educational toys from Toysrus. I think that Toysrus has done an excellent job in making sure that their toys are not only safe for children to play with, but that they are also made using only natural wood resources, which are much safer for our environment. The fact that these wooden educational toys are also highly educational is what makes them a top choice among parents.

The natural wooden fox car playset is designed in the classic design that most parents love. It has a soft, comfortable mattress and a colorful, well-detailed interior. When you pull out the car bed, it looks just like a traditional wooden car that you might find in your own home. It has a small engine that is easily operated and includes a storage bin for your child's mischievous energy.

The best thing about this particular educational toy is that it is so realistic looking. Even if your child does not have any knowledge about cars, he will have fun putting this car together. He will have hours of wonderful fun just bouncing his wheels and enjoying the quiet ride. The soft and smooth material that it is made of will keep him warm during those winter days. He can even spend hours of quiet time beside it, practicing his driving skills before he can take it out on the streets.

Parents who do not want their kids to play with anything that resembles a helicopter should definitely purchase a natural wooden car set. The materials used in its construction make it completely safe. Even if you do not have children, this type of plaything will be enjoyed by adults. Some of the ones that are available in stores are designed as perfect gift ideas for grandparents. They can give your grandchildren's something they will surely enjoy.

The internet is a great place to look for wooden car sets, because you can find many websites that sell them. You can even check them out live on some websites, so you can see them in action before purchasing one. Check out the quality of the materials used and the manufacturer's reputation. Make sure that you are getting your money's worth, because after all, a wooden fox train is a valuable toy for your little one. It is also a great gift for grandparents who might be looking for something they can bring back to their grandchildren. All in all, a natural wooden fox car is a wonderful addition to any child's toys collection.

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