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Natural Wooden Dog Car

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Brand: Dorebu

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Suitable for 1 Year Old and up

100% Natural Wooden Toy supply the fun time for the kids and it can be used also for decoration.

The toy is made from natural wooden. the diversity of colour occurs from the different trees.

The toy does NOT contains any harmful chemicals.

DIMENSIONS : 5.5cm x 11cm x 9cm


1 PCS Wooden Dog Car

1 PCS Fabric Pouch



The set is entirely natural wooden and its unique shapes come from its own tree. Therefore the shapes of each set are variable from its own tree.


The set is completely healthy for the kids. and it does NEVER contains any spall, as the toys are purified from its spall under the necessary process.



Please use cleaning cloth by using only winegar in 1/10 with water.

Why Buy a Natural Wooden Dog Crate?

We all want to give our dogs and puppies wooden toys, especially dogs that are cute. It is because wooden toys provide comfort and promote a sense of accomplishment as well. They are very durable and they can withstand the roughness of actual play and they make noises when you run your fingers along their soft and smooth surfaces. But there are a few things you should remember if you are going to purchase wooden toys for your dog. There are a lot of wooden toys online but there are only a few wooden toys UK available which are high quality and of good value. Here is what you should consider when purchasing wooden toys online.

It is always best to look for wooden toys UK online from a reputable dealer so that you get to read customer reviews first before you make a purchase. In particular, if you are going to buy a large number of wooden toys, then it is advisable to check with more than one dealer so that you can compare prices and features. You will obviously want wooden toys that are durable so that they can withstand your dog's rough play. There are wooden toys in all price ranges so finding one that fits within your budget is also very easy.

In fact, wooden toys are excellent gifts for all occasions and they are sure to please. They are ideal whether you're having a pet dog or a kid. Your friends and family will certainly love to get one. They are also ideal for camping trips and other outdoor activities. They are ideal because they can withstand any weather conditions so you and your dog can enjoy them regardless of whether it's hot or cold outside. So when you're buying a wooden dog crate or playpen, make sure it is specifically designed for use outdoors.

Of course, apart from outdoor uses, wooden toys are also great gifts for birthdays and Christmas. They are also great presents for your dog's other important days such as his birthday and Christmas. A wooden toys box makes a great present for a dog who likes to chew anything he can get his hands on. It also gives him something nice to chew on at night while you are asleep.

Most wooden toys are roughly the same size as a wooden table. This means that even if your dog happens to chew a little bit of your wooden toys, he won't be able to get too deep inside. Also, wooden toys are not that likely to fall apart. It is highly unlikely that you will break any wooden toys that are purchased from the local pet store.

Natural wooden toys are very comfortable for your dog and to make a wooden dog crate more comfortable you can stuff some newspaper into the gaps. Make sure that you also give him some rope to hang on to. Remember, it is much better to have something he can feel safe about than something that might fall apart soon after he chews on it.

Your wooden toys crate should be somewhere he can go when he wants to sleep, but should be supervised when he is playing around. If you are away for the day, you can put him in his wooden toys crate. When you come back, he should be able to look around in the crate and not see the shredded newspaper. If you find wooden toys crate that has holes in it, you can add some toys or treats to his wooden toys crate. Your dog will feel very satisfied when you bring back his favorite toy.

Your wooden toys can be replaced over time with electronic ones because wooden toys are not hard to break. Also, plastic is not as good as wooden toys in some ways. Wooden dog crates make a great home for your natural wooden toys because they are a practical, safe and comfortable option. They will also look nice in your house and you can always change them out when your wooden toys need a new look.

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