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Hatchback Car - Natural Wooden

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Brand: Dorebu

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- Natural

- Wooden Toy

- Paintable

- Handmade


Lenght: 150mm

Height: 80mm

Thickness: 30mm

Wheel Thickness: 15mm

How to Maintain a Wooden Hatchback Car

With the right wooden toy, your child can have hours of fun exploring the outdoors. Whether they like to pretend they are farmers, lumberjacks or ranchers, wooden hatchback cars are sure to get their kids out doors. But, like anything else, wooden toys need to be properly cared for to ensure their durability and long life.

Like any wood product, natural wooden toys will need to be periodically restored and polished to allow for a better playing experience. Wood contains natural oils that protect it. The outer coating is what protects the inner core of the wood. A good quality natural wooden car will contain enough natural oils to resist cracking and warping. When the wooden object is exposed to moisture, especially on the outside, these oils may turn rancid.

To restore a natural wooden hatchback car to its original finish or to maintain its luster, it should be removed from the outdoor environment. If this isn't possible, the car can be cleaned at a professional indoor cleaning service. A high-pressure air dryer will be used to remove any surface contaminants such as dirt and dust. All natural wooden toys made from wood that are placed outside should be cleaned in this manner. The high heat exposure will remove any dirt particles that may affect the durability of the material.

After cleaning, the wooden object should be allowed to dry in the proper outdoor conditions. Natural wooden hatchback cars should not be left out in the elements. They must be protected from the sun, wind and rain. To do so, place the wooden object in a plastic enclosure with a small ventilation hole. The car should also be covered with a soft cloth when not in use. Remember, any time you leave a wooden object outdoors it needs to be dried properly.

Protecting the wooden object while it is indoors may be done in a few different ways. An extremely durable and attractive covering can be attached to the car using large Velcro tape. If the vehicle has an engine attached, the large tape covering can be secured around the entire car. Placing a protective film over the wooden object while it is still in its transportation case will protect the car from dust, water and debris. This will extend the life of the wooden hatchback.

Keeping the natural wooden hatchback clean is relatively simple. Any dirt or debris that may be present on the surface can be removed by using a soft cloth dipped in soap and water. This is often enough to keep the wooden car looking nice. The use of a power washer will remove more stubborn dirt and contamination. After using a pressure washer, rinse the object with water to remove all residue. Use a non-abrasive cleaner and allow the wooden object to dry completely.

One of the main reasons why wooden cars age so well is because the material is so easy to clean. Simple spot cleaners such as those made with chlorine bleach are often enough to keep the car clean. Larger stains should be attended to by professional car detailers.

Although there are many different models of hatchback cars on the market, any experienced car owner will tell you that quality comes with a price. However, the price paid for a wooden car is definitely worth it. In fact, this is one of the main reasons that people choose them. A beautiful, unique and comfortable exterior adds to the appeal of any vehicle. The safe, secure interior protects the interior from potential harm while the ride and chassis remain sturdy and reliable.

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