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What Are the Best Wooden Toys For 1-Year-Olds?

What Are the Best Wooden Toys For 1-Year-Olds

Wooden toys are always a hit and there is no question about it. When you bring your child to play with wooden blocks or a wooden building, you are showing your child that everything in the world is made of wood. Toys of all shapes, sizes and colors are available these days. You can choose from a wide range of wooden building blocks, soft, wooden building blocks or you can go in for some really hard and tall building blocks. As for the soft blocks, you can choose from a wide variety of colorful ones that will brighten up your child’s room and they will love having these colorful toys around.

But if you have a young boy in the house, you might want to opt for some toys that are more masculine in nature. Since boys are attracted towards wooden toys, these can be ideal choices. Wood is a very masculine material and this is something that you will never have a shortage of. You will be able to find many different toys made of wood such as toy boats, wooden toys castle, carob cat playsets, wooden puzzles and toys. A wooden toy box will always be useful and you do not need to spend a lot of money buying them for your child as they can easily be stored in a toy box that is made of wood.

All this talk of wooden toys might make you feel all excited but you need to remember that the environment in which your child plays has a lot to do with his or her behavior. The kind of toys he or she plays with determines a lot about the future of that person. Remember that the brain of a child is developing at a really fast pace and there are a lot of things happening inside his or her body at the same time. You need to ensure that the toys are age appropriate and if you are not sure what to look out for, then it is best that you leave it all to professionals.

Wooden Toys For a 1-Year-Old

The best wooden toys for 1-year-old are those that make baby entertained and have a soothing affect on his mind. This is so because one of the basic things to be able to bring peace in your baby’s life is by making sure that he gets enough sleep, enough sunlight and fresh air to keep him healthy and happy. As the years pass you will have to continue to do this, but as a starting point one of the best wooden toys for 1-year-old is a wooden rocking horse or some other similar piece of wood that will calm your baby and make him feel relaxed.

One of the best brands to find wooden toys is Baby Trend. They have a large range of different kinds of wood toys, such as rocking horses and many others, all made from real wood and painted in very cute designs. If you have a look on their website you will see that there are also toys that feature sounds and music, such as those that feature birdsong, the loon, the chirp and the like. If you are looking for something a little bit more soothing and relaxing for your child, there are a few wooden toys from Baby Trend that will surely do the job for you. There are also a lot of different types of puzzles and toys that will make your child happy, such as those that contain musical elements.

Another great brand that you can consider when trying to find the best wooden toys for 1-year-old is Fisher-Price. Their selection includes toys that are mainly made from wood, but there are also a few items that are made from plastic and metal. These plastic and metal toys are usually cheaper and they might not last as long, but they can still be fun and entertaining. All in all, Fisher-Price has a great variety of wooden toys that will keep your child happy.

Wooden Toys For Toddlers – What Is the Best Toy Ideas For Young Children?

So, whether you’re looking for wooden toys for a toddler or just buying wooden toys for gifts, check out this collection of some of the industry’s best wooden toys for 1-year-olds: Rock And Play, Melissa & Doug, Fisher-Price, Bean Bag Barn, Infantino, V-Tech, Beanstalk, iCarve, Just Sayin’…and lots more. There’s something here for every child and toddler. These are some of the industry’s best toys for growing toddlers! And there’s more to come…

Best Wooden Toys For 1-Year-Olds

When you are looking for the best wooden toy to buy for your toddler, there are several things that you should consider so that you end up with a durable, quality toy that will help improve your child’s hand-eye coordination and motor skills as well as motivate him or her to use his imagination. Since most wooden toys are made from recycled wood that has been cut, painted and then formed into blocks or other shapes, there is not need to worry about hazardous chemicals in their production. The wooden toys for toddlers that you buy should be free of any small pieces that can put your toddler at risk if they were to swallow them. It is best that you choose toys that have rounded edges so that they will not pose any choking hazards to your little one.

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