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Traditional Japanese Wooden Toys For Kids and Babies

Japanese Wooden Toys

Whether you are looking for toys for babies or kids, then you should definitely consider Japanese wooden toys. They are inexpensive, safe, and often educational for your child as well. If you have ever seen one of these beautiful, artistic and functional toys and wished that you could own one for your child, then now is your chance to do just that.

Traditional Japanese Wooden Toys For Teens To Toddlers First Toy Series: First introduced in Japan in 1998, these cute little figures have gone on to become one of the best selling lines in Japan. The series features traditional Japanese figures such as a frog, which is one of life’s most loved animals; Koi fish, which symbolizes love and friendship; and various animals from around the world. Each one of these characters is made using traditional Japanese porcelain, making each toy unique. Available in two colors – solid colored and animal print – these adorable little figures are sure to get everyone’s attention. They are very popular with both boys and girls.

Traditional Wooden Toys For Children First Collection: Another great addition to the long list of beautiful Japanese wooden toys for children is the Bandai Corporation’s First Collection. First introduced in 1998, the Bandai First Collection features a range of traditional Japanese figures and dolls, which are made of high quality porcelain. Available in two colors – solid color and animal print – the First Collection also features a selection of traditional Japanese musical instruments. While these instruments look real, they are not! They are lifelike and extremely realistic.

Types of Japanese Wooden Toys

Japanese wooden toys are truly marvelous works of art. These works of art are wonderful gifts for all children, no matter how young or old they are. Read on to discover more about some of Japan’s most beautiful wooden toys, which will help your child develop and nurture their creativity, motor skills, and imagination further!

First, a little bit about the tradition of Japanese wooden toys in order to fully appreciate the beauty of the Japanese culture, you have to understand the idea of kurukai, or trees of life. In the Japanese culture, every tree is considered a turn, and once cut down, it must be replaced with another tree, called a sokkaku. The concept of kurukai begins with the idea that life is renewing itself, which is why each tree must be replaced by another. It is a belief of Japanese culture that each time a tree is cut down, it takes in tiny seeds which eventually grow into bigger and stronger trees.

The beauty of Japanese wooden toys is that the creative designs and artistic shapes are hand carved by skilled wood workers, similar to how traditional carpenters create beautiful carvings from bamboo, wood, paper, tiles, and rocks. These carvings and designs are used to form the different shapes and forms of Japanese traditional wooden toys such as: house, building blocks, cars, balls, musical instruments, etc. Not only do these famous carvings and designs add a wonderful artistic beauty to the products, but Japanese companies also use natural materials such as rubber, plastic, paper, jute, Japanese lacquered wood, and bamboo to form their products. Some wooden toys are made entirely from natural materials, while others are made using only synthetic materials. No matter what your preference is, you will definitely find a Japanese toy for you.

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