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Natural Wooden Toys – A Guide to Making Your Own Hand Made Toys

Natural Wooden Toys

Making wooden toys by hand is child’s play – especially with this new book, “ythophyt Learn to Make Wooden Toys.” Author Erin Freuchtel, a stay-at-home mom who made toys for her family as well as friends, shares with first-time mom and amateur woodworker alike how to create fabulous, practical wooden toys from just a plain old scroll saw and some very simple tools…and no cutting, gluing or sanding! This book will get you out in the outdoors, on a weekend project, or just on a whim and have you laughing, playing, and most of all, be happy. After reading this quick read, you’ll wonder how you never got started making your own toys as a kid!

Ms. Freucht will have you believing that making natural wooden toys is not only easy but also inexpensive and a heck of a lot quicker than trying to rip down another plastic-free toy to build your child’s next best friend. (Not that there’s anything wrong with plastic-free toys!) The beauty of “atural Wooden Toys” is that it nails down the benefits of natural toys (such as natural wooden blocks) while using recycled materials to achieve an environmental friendly product. It also offers a wide variety of “crafted toys,” such as finger puppets, cars, dolls, puzzles, and much more. In addition, “Natural Wood” has several really nice color photographs showing different natural wooden toys in their natural shades (such as pine trees) and gives detailed and useful information about each toy, such as its construction, uses, and dangers.

After reading the book, I was eager to get to work making my own wooden toys. Ms. Freucht’s book had impressed me that there are no health hazards in using natural wooden toys and that the processing used for these toys is both safe and ecologically sound. I was excited to go on to making my own wooden puzzles and carousels. But soon I noticed a few drawbacks. First, because these hand-crafted puzzles and carousels were not “real” (i.e., they didn’t have joints or grains), they wouldn’t fit into some standard size play boxes and other children’s toys, and they were even less attractive than their plastic-free counterparts.

Secrets to Creating Fantastic Wooden Toys by a Plastic Toy Prankster

Natural wooden toys such as wooden building blocks, wooden figures, and wooden musical instruments are making a comeback. As children and parents continue to look for ways to entertain their children outside of expensive video games and television, they have come to appreciate the positive effects natural wooden toys can have on a child. In particular, many people are finding the natural wooden toys to be much safer than their manufactured counterparts. The wooden blocks for example, can be walked on by a child even at a very young age, and yet they will never consider hurting themselves or their friends. Likewise, the natural wooden toys will never have any sharp edges that can cut or poke a child causing permanent injury.

Making creative and fun wooden toys by the scroll saw is pure child’s play! Author Erin Freuchtling, a stay-at-Home mother who taught herself how to create toys without any previous woodworking experience, reveals how to create 75 easy and delightful wooden toys with only a portable scroll saw, some wood glue, and a few essential tools. The books also include the details about how to assemble them as well as the procedures for cutting and gluing them together (in case you need to assemble a puzzle, for example). All of these delightful natural wooden toys are virtually indestructible, and as the children grow older they begin to love assembling the puzzles, or playing with the different pieces to see which one fits best with the others…

The authors of the Secrets to Creating Fantastic Wooden Toys encourage parents to get their kids involved in the hobby of making toys from scratch. In addition to providing children with the opportunity to build and play, parents will find that plastic toys will eventually become obsolete as kids develop a taste for natural wooden toys. By helping their children develop these skills at a young age, parents will be helping to establish good habits that will benefit them throughout life. From this point forward, they’ll be able to look back on their “plastic” toys with fond memories, and know that real, natural wooden toys will always have a place in their heart.

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