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How To Disinfect Wooden Toys

How To Disinfect Wooden Toys

Many people consider the cleaning of wooden toys to be a difficult task, and in fact, it is. However, there are simple tips you can follow that will help get the job done properly. First, make sure your child plays with their natural antibacterial wooden toys and doesn’t put them in their mouth. After a period of time, if your child does put the toys in their mouth, then spray the surrounding area with a natural antibacterial chemical, like Simple Green or Ecover. This will help get rid of any potential germs.

It is also important to know how to disinfect wooden toys with white vinegar. You will need a spray bottle with white vinegar solution, and you should spray the entire surface of the toys. If you want to make sure that every nook and cranny is cleaned off, then lightly scrub the surfaces using a soft sponge. However, if you are only trying to remove a stubborn stain, then just use the water and dry with a clean cloth.

Once you have finished disinfecting the wooden toys, you should clean the rest of the area with disinfectant cleaner. For this, you will need a solution made especially for disinfecting baby toys. Make sure you dilute the solution well, as it can be dangerous to put the solution on high. It’s best to mix half a cup of vinegar with one quart of water.

If your wooden toys have fabric pieces, then you can put them into an ironing board and iron them with a damp cloth. To dry the toys completely, you should either let them dry on a clean piece of cloth or put them on an ironing board where they will be exposed to direct heat from the appliance. Let them dry completely before putting them away.

If the problem is mostly on the wooden areas such as the bottoms and edges, you should first disinfect the areas with mild vinegar solution. You can either make this solution on your own or buy it at a store. When making your own solution, simply add a half cup of vinegar and a quarter cup of water to a spray bottle. Spray the bottle on the entire wooden toy and let it sit for at least two hours before wiping it with a damp cloth.

If the problem lies in the plastic material of your toys, you should first rinse the toys with warm water and soap water and leave out to dry. Wash the toys thoroughly using a soft scrubbing brush or sponge. This will remove all the bacteria and germs from the surface as well as make it easier to remove any stains on the plastics. Afterward, you can put them in a plastic trash bag and seal it tightly before throwing it away or else the smell will spread easily. If you are going to store the toys in the house, then instead of putting them in a plastic bag, you should wrap it in a cloth and place it in the freezer.

How to Disinfect Baby Toys

There are many people who own wooden toys that could be a great thing for kids, however if you have children they will most likely want to play with other children’s toys, or worse yet, the very same toys that can bring them harm. Toys such as these come in contact with children on a regular basis and if they are not properly disinfected could cause them to get sick. If you have not already learned how to disinfect wooden toys, then you need to learn how to. This is not something that should be difficult, but it is something that need to be done in order to keep your child safe.

The best way to disinfect wooden toys is to dry them out completely, which means letting them dry in the open air. If you dry them out in a wet newspaper, you will most likely find that the mildew, bacteria, and germs that are underneath the surface of the plastic will rise to the top and begin to infect your child. This is why it is better to let your toys dry out completely, and this is the only way to truly ensure that your child is safe when they play with their new toys. To do this, you will need to take all of your child’s toys into a clear plastic trash bag, and after putting them in the bag you will then pour some very clean white vinegar down the opening of the bags.

After you have done this you will simply let the bags sit in a cupboard for a few days, which is usually enough time for the vinegar to work its magic. The reason you should only leave them in there for days is because as the vinegar works its way through the toys it will work to kill any bacteria, mold, and mold spores that might be inside the wooden toys. You will want to leave the bag of wooden toys out in the open as you will probably get more than one child to try to use it. However, if you have a baby in the house this method of how to disinfect baby toys will work wonders. After you have cleaned out all of the bacteria and mold, rinse the bag with clean water, and then wipe it down with another clean white cloth so that you can then reuse the solution to disinfect other toys and utensils.

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