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Holztiger Wooden Toys

Holztiger Wooden Toys

Holztiger toys are very popular worldwide. Holztiger is the official manufacturer of over 500 different types of wooden puzzles and playthings. Each Holztiger toy is individually handcrafted in either real wood or maple, beech or plastic, hand-painted with non-toxicity paint and given an appealing wet-vacuum finish; allowing them to safely be chewed on and then effortlessly wiped clean. Most Holztiger toys are highly practical for re-enacting and learning experiences; representing a range of skills and environments.

Holztiger makes several different styles of wooden toys. All of these different styles are made using the most advanced design processes and methods, ensuring that the finished product is not only incredibly sturdy, but also extremely smooth and well-defined. All of the holztiger wooden toys in the “Holztiger World” series are created by the finest craftsmen and woodworkers in the industry, who adhere to the strictest of standards when it comes to creating each one of these handcrafted toys. All of the pieces are made with solid maple or oak, and most are coated in a nontoxic lacquer to ensure long-lasting durability and safety for children and adults.

Wooden toys made by Holztiger are very durable and strong. They have smooth surfaces that are nonporous and are also exceptionally smooth to the touch. Because they are all completely handcrafted, each piece is unique and different. This level of quality and detail is what makes wooden toys from one of the leading causes of childhood injuries and accidents.

One of the most popular styles of Holztiger toys are their Animal models. These fine handcrafted wooden figures have been carefully designed to give young children the chance to feel like they are handling a real animal. In addition to this realistic look, they are also extremely lifelike, accurate, and can be fully functional. These animal models are highly detailed and are made to exacting industrial requirements, giving every child an experience that they will hold onto as they grow older. They are a wonderful way to teach kids about the care that goes into making a pet, as well as introduce them to the wonders of nature that we are all part of.

There is also a line of kids’ wooden animals that are available, featuring beech wood designs. The beech wood makes these toy versions very durable and authentic. Each beech wood model is intricately designed, and it is the attention to detail that makes each one so unique. The wood grains and colors are incredibly true, and the realistic beech trees are wonderfully detailed and painted to match the rest of the toy. They are well balanced with sharp, strong plastic beakers and tubes that are sure to bring out the attention in any child that receives this toy as a gift.

Holztiger toys have always been known for creating some of the best looking wooden toys available. However, with their recent move to producing wooden toys in the form of beech, they have moved closer to the top as far as looks are concerned. For parents that want something a little more original, however, they will find exactly what they are looking for in one of the many unique Holztiger toys that are available. With years of experience in wooden toys, and a fine collection of clients that have chosen this brand, it is not surprising that this manufacturer produces some of the best wooden toys around. If you are looking for a toy that has an incredible look, awesome construction, and realistic movement, there are only a few manufacturers that you need to look to when it comes to buying Holztiger products.

Holztiger Wooden Toys – A New Learning Toy for Your Child

Holztiger offers a wide selection of wooden toys specifically designed for children in kindergarten. These toys are designed for the critical and creative minds of the young. These toys have an age-appropriate way of engaging the child’s mind, developing their skills, while engaging their imagination at the same time. Each Holztiger wooden puzzle toy is individually hand crafted from solid hard maple or beech timber, hand painted using non-toxic paint and sealed with an anti-allergenic water lacquer; enabling them to be easily cleaned and safely chewed upon. These hand crafted puzzles and toys are the perfect solution for those parents who are not sure what to get their little ones this Christmas.

The manufacturer is dedicated to ensuring the highest level of client satisfaction. Therefore, each of their wooden toys are pre-finished using the most advanced techniques, ensuring that they are free of defects, marring the quality of the final product. All holztiger wooden toys are built around the concept of natural play and the fundamental need for communication and social interaction; creating a positive environment for learning. This is one of the important lessons taught in the Montessori education method. The children will learn through interactive play and discovery, through the use of their imagination and through the exploration of their physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual senses. The toys in the range are designed for this holistic approach, with the result that the child develops his or her natural curiosity and desire to explore; while building on their skills and abilities through the integration of their mind, body and spirit.

The beech and maple wood used to make holztiger wooden toys are renowned for their strength and resistance to damage. In addition, the wood is very soft and easy to work with; enabling the hobbyists to create intricate designs and beautiful toys. The wood is also extremely durable and weather-resistant. Each of these properties makes the toys extremely appealing and useful. Furthermore, the toys are made with high-quality standards, making them long-lasting and safe for children to play with.

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